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Through an introductional week of masterclasses given by renown experts of the World building, a pitch training day and a workshop to practice in group the learnings of the first days, the participants will take part of an intensive program to help them to start the developement of their own projects efficiently, with new knowledge and prospective. This first week will be the unique occasion to spend time with the other participants, work together, learn to know each other, and share ideas. It's an optional week that The Animation Workshop invite to take part of. The following two weeks are organised with daily individual follow-up by skilled and experienced mentors for each participant, and a full access to the studio and the individual workstations shere they will create their own, original concepts that are ready for the final stages of development. That includes the creation of a one pager, and a presentation package. Likewise for the game projects which will develop a prototype to illustrate the final game. The last week will give the opportunity to the participants who wish to polish their projects, to extend their stay and work in the studio for extra days. This last week is also optional.

The participants will get the opportunity to work in a very supportive environment and structure at The Animation Workshop’s and Arsenalet's facilities in Viborg (Denmark), encouraged and inspired by professional consultants from the media, game and animation industry.

Through workshops and lectures, pitching sessions, one-on-one exchange sessions, the participants will give each other feedback, approach each other for collaboration and influence one another, such as it has been successfully made during NipponNordic 2017.




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