.... Participants

A maximum of 16 participants will equally come from both participating territories, in order to insure the right level of cross-cultural exchange and mutual understanding, as well as the fair representation of knowledge and experience with each market. This will, in turn, ensure that all participants will get hands on experience of the two territories.



参加人数は最大16名です。日本とデンマーク/ノルディック諸国から各8名を選考する予定です 。さまざまな知識や経験を有す参加者がレジデンス期間中に交流や相互理解を深められるよう、両地域の出身者あるは参加者の比率をできるだけ均等にしたいと考えています。

ニッポンノルディック2017の 参加者が今年も参加を希望する場合は改めてご応募ください。


.... Selection:
The organizers will form the selection committee, view the material for a pre-selection of candidates before May 15, then conduct interviews, either on-site or by phone. In their selection, they will maintain balanced representation across gender, nationalities and kind of project (game, traditional animation for TV, animated documentary, transmedia, VR, etc).

.. 選考: