.... Participants

A maximum of 16 participants will equally come from both participating territories, in order to insure the right level of cross-cultural exchange and mutual understanding, as well as the fair representation of knowledge and experience with each market. This will, in turn, ensure that all participants will get hands on experience of the two territories.





.... Selection:
The organizers will form the selection committee, view the material for a pre-selection of candidates before May 15, then conduct interviews, either on-site or by phone. In their selection, they will maintain balanced representation across gender, nationalities and kind of project (game, traditional animation for TV, animated documentary, transmedia, VR, etc).

.. 選考:
主催者は選考委員会を結成し、本年 5 月15 日までに応募者の提出書類を事前選考します。その後、直接面談が現地もしくは電話による面接を行います。 性別、国籍、プロジェクトのジャンル(ゲーム、テレビ向けアニメーション、アニメーション・ドキュメンタリー、トランスメディア、VRなど)に偏りがないように考慮しながら、選考を行います。....